StateUsury RateLaws
 Alabama8% for written contracts, 6% for verbal agreements.§ 8-8-1
 Alaska5% above the annual rate charged member banks for advances by the 12th Federal Reserve District on the day on which the contract or loan commitment is made. If the amount is more than $25,000, the maximum rate is 10.5% per year§ 45.45.010
 ArizonaNo limit for loan agreements in writing. If not in writing, the rate shall be 10% per annum.§ 44-1201
 ArkansasRate of interest may not exceed the maximum of 17% as established in Arkansas Constitution, Amendment 89.§ 4-57-104
 California10% for personal, family, or household purposes. Higher of 10% or 5% over amount charged by Fed. Res. Bank of San FranciscoArticle XV
 ColoradoLegal rate of interest is 8%. general usury limit is 45%, and maximum for consumers is 12%.§ 5-12-103 and § 5-2-201
 ConnecticutInterest rate may not exceed 12%.§ 37-4
 Delaware5% over the Federal Reserve discount rate.§ 2301
 FloridaGeneral usury limit is 18%; 25% on loans over $500,000.§ 687.03
 Georgia7% if no written contract is established, 16% on loans below $3,000, 5%/month on loans above $3,000.§ 7-4-2
 Hawaii10% if no written contract is established, 12% general usury limit.§ 478-2 and § 478-4
 IdahoLegal rate of interest is 12%; rate of interest on money due on court judgments is 5%.§ 28-22-104
 IllinoisGeneral usury limit is 9%.815 ILCS 205/4
 Indiana8% in absence of agreement, 25% for consumer loans other than supervised loans§ 24-4.6-1-102 and § 24-4.5-3-201
 IowaMaximum interest rate is 5% unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, in which case maximum is set by Iowa Superintendent of Banking (current rate = 3.75%).§ 535.2(3)(a) (IA Usury Rates)
 KansasLegal rate of interest is 10%, general usury limit is 15%.§ 16-201 and 207
 KentuckyLegal rate of interest is 8%, general usury limit is 4% greater than Federal Reserve rate or 19%, whichever is less.§ 360.010
 LouisianaGeneral usury rate is 12%.§ 9:3500
 MaineLegal interest rate is 6% but there is no usury limit mentioned in statutes.9-B § 432
 MarylandLegal interest rate is 6%, maximum of 8% if there is a written contract.§ 12-102 and 103
 MassachusettsLegal interest rate is 6% (unless written contract exists), interest rate over 20% is considered criminally usurious.Ch. 107 § 3 and Ch. 271 § 49
 Michigan7% maximum if written contract is established, otherwise, 5% is legal rate.§ 438.31
 MinnesotaLegal rate of interest is 6%, usury limit is 8%.§ 334.01
 MississippiLegal rate of interest is 8%, “contract rate” is maximum 10% or 5% above federal reserve rate, whichever is greater.§ 75-17-1
 MissouriMaximum interest rate is 10%.§ 408.030
 Montana15% or 6% above the rate published by federal reserve system, whichever is greater.§ 31-1-107
 NebraskaMaximum interest rate is 16%.§ 45-101.03
 NevadaNo usury limit. Without agreement, interest rate shall be prime rate of largest Nevada bank.§ 99.040
 New HampshireMaximum interest rate is 10%.§ 336:1
 New Jersey6% without written contract, 16% maximum if written contract is established.§ 31:1-1
 New Mexico15% maximum in absence of written contract.§ 56-8-3
 New YorkLegal rate of interest is 6%, general usury limit is 16%Gen. Oblig. § 5-501 and Banking § 14-A
 North CarolinaLegal rate of interest is 8% but consumers and creditors can contract for a higher rate.§ 24-1
 North DakotaLegal rate of interest is 6%, maximum contract rate is 5.5% higher than current cost of money and may not be less than 7%.§ 47-14-05 + 09
 OhioMaximum interest for written contracts is 8%.§ 1343.01
 OklahomaUnless parties agree to another rate as authorized by law, the rate of interest shall be 6%.§ 15-266
 OregonLegal interest rate is 9%. Other conditions apply to business and agricultural loans.§ 82.010(1) + (3)
 PennsylvaniaLegal rate of interest is 6%.41 P.S. § 201
 Rhode IslandMaximum interest rate is 21%. Alternate rate of 9% plus domestic prime rate may be applied.§ 6-26-2
 South CarolinaLegal rate of interest is 8.75%.§ 34-31-20
 South Dakota
West Virginia