Limited Power of Attorney Connecticut Form – Adobe PDF

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Use to elect a person (most commonly an accountant) to handle another person’s tax filing with the State of Arizona. This is the only power of attorney document that does not need to be notarized or witnessed by a third (3rd) party. Typically, this form will be attached to the person’s State filing with the Department of Revenue.    

Allows you to choose anyone you would like to be the agent to handle financial affairs. It is highly recommended to choose someone who is a close relative or friend that is not only trustworthy but has a grasp on your business affairs and assets. Note: This form becomes void if you become mentally unable to think for yourself.

Also known as WV-2848, the West Virginia State Tax Department Authorization of Power of Attorney allows a resident to grant the following filing powers to an individual (highly recommended to be a tax attorney or certified public accountant (CPS)); To receive (but not to endorse or cash) any checks issued by the West Virginia State Tax Department To receive confidential tax information concerning me To extend the period…

Choose an agent to handle the registration, titling, or the transfer of any type of motor vehicle in Arkansas. If transferring (purchase and sale) the vehicle it must be accompanied by one of the following bill of sale forms; Standard Tax Credit The registration and title application must be attached to this power of attorney is it will be used at a DMV Office Location….

Under State law, the Ohio Durable Power of Attorney, you can name an Attorney-In-Fact, or financial representative, to look after the whole of your assets, business affairs, and any other monetary related decisions on your behalf. Because this person must do everything from paying your monthly bills to managing your business interests, he or she must be someone who has your complete trust. It is wise…