Durable Power of Attorney Georgia Form – Adobe PDF

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Choose a person to handle all your financial needs in your best interest. The agent you select will be able to do anything from picking up mail from a PO Box to selling your car. All proceeds will be to your benefit and your representative may only reimburse themselves for their own costs from travel, eating, or lodging.

The Attorney-In-Fact deals with your creditors, debtors, the government, insurance companies and watches over your investments. When choosing this individual, it is important to choose someone who is reliable, trustworthy and shares your philosophies as they relate to your personal business matters. It is generally a good idea to choose someone local to you, to deal with those business matters that are best handled face-to-face.

The attorney in fact will have the power to;

  • Bank and Credit Union Transactions
  • Payment Transactions
  • Real Property Transactions – Meaning the buying or selling of real estate on the Principal’s account
  • Personal Property Transactions
  • Stock and Bond Transactions
  • Safety Deposit Transactions
  • Borrowing Powers – From simple loans to mortgaging real estate
  • Business Operating Transactions
  • Insurance Transactions
  • Disputes and Proceedings
  • Hiring Representative
  • Tax, Social Security, and Unemployment
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