Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Georgia Form – PDF – Word

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Use this Form to: appoint a temporary caregiver for a child.
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The Georgia minor (child) power of attorney form allows parents to designate specific parental rights to an agent so that they may ensure their child’s well-being. The agent receives the parent’s permission to make decisions regarding the child’s food, education, health care, travel, and other arrangements determined by the parents in the power of attorney. Georgia law requires that the agent be the child’s grandparent or a variation of such relation (step-grandparent, great-grandparent, step-great-grandparent). After the form is authorized, the agent’s power may only be terminated by the execution of a revocation document by the parents, or upon the decision to terminate by the court.

Laws § 19-9-120 – 19-9-129 (Power of Attorney for the Care of a Minor Child)

Signing Requirements – Notary Public (§ 19-9-127)