Real Estate Power of Attorney Georgia Form – PDF – Word

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The Georgia real estate power of attorney authorizes an agent to represent the principal in specific real estate-related affairs. The principal can, through checking certain boxes in Article 1 of the power of attorney document, grant specific permissions to their agent. These powers include selling and buying property, real estate management, refinancing and mortgaging, and handling deeds, notices, and other assignments. One reason to execute a real estate power of attorney is because the principal is out of town or is unable to complete the duties otherwise handed over to the agent. The document will become void upon the termination date set forth in the agreement or upon revocation by the principal, whichever comes first.

Laws§ 10-6B-43

Signing Requirements – Attested by one (1) Witness and a Notary Public (or other authorized individual in accordance with § 44-2-15) (§ 10-6B-5)