Idaho Power of Attorney Forms

Idaho Power of Attorney is transferable by form to enable a State resident (the principal) to assign an agent to represent them. This representation can be for a specific task such as registering a vehicle or filing one’s taxes, or it can be a general representation that enables the selected individual to make financial or healthcare decisions on the resident’s behalf. If the power of attorney is durable, it will sustain the principal’s incapacitation, enabling the agent to act despite the principal being unable to decide for themselves. The type of form chosen will dictate the scope of the authority and the type of decisions the agent will be able to carry out.

Laws – Chapter 12 Uniform Power of Attorney Act and §39-4510

The Idaho durable power of attorney can be used to elect a representative to make financial decisions on behalf of an Idaho resident. The selected individual will be required to act in the principal’s best interest, and perform tasks as they would imagine the principal would if possible. The durable nature of the form enables the agent to operate even after the principal becomes incapacitated….

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The Idaho general power of attorney is exactly like the durable power of attorney except for the fact that it does not remain valid in the event the principal should become in an unstable state of mind where he or she can no longer think for themselves. Otherwise, the document serves the same purpose; it allows for a person to act for another for any…

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The Idaho limited power of attorney form allows a principal to select another person to handle a specific monetary action on their behalf. The responsibility held by the agent may be valid for a single act, like a real estate transaction, or it may be effective for a particular time period such as a month where the principal needs an agent to pick up their…

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The Idaho medical power of attorney form is used to appoint an individual to make medical decisions on behalf of an Idaho resident. The individual appointed is referred to as the health care agent and the individual appointing is defined as the principal. The durable nature of the power of attorney enables the agent to make decisions for the principal even after they’ve lost the…

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The Idaho minor (child) power of attorney form is used to grant an individual the legal authority to temporarily care for someone else’s child. The period for which the document is effective will vary depending on the delegate’s relation to the child. If the delegate is a sibling of the child, a sibling of the parent, or a grandparent, the power of attorney may last no…

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The Idaho real estate power of attorney authorizes an individual (“agent” or “attorney-in-fact”) to handle certain real estate matters for the person that executes the document (principal). The principal can use the Idaho real estate power of attorney form to hand over all real estate powers to their agent, or they may select one of the other assignations of authority under Article 1 of the…

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The Idaho tax power of attorney form is a designation that allows someone else to be able to handle a citizen’s tax filing with the Idaho State Tax Commission. The taxpayer can use the fields to define the exact tax matters for which the agent will be approved to represent them. The completed power of attorney form must be included in the income tax filing…

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The Idaho vehicle and vessel power of attorney form, Form 3368, is a document that allows a vehicle owner to appoint an attorney-in-fact to transfer ownership and registration documents to another individual. The simple form requires the VIN/hull number, title number, year, make and model of the vehicle/vessel as well as the signature and contact info of the grantor. The power of attorney becomes void once…

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