Mississippi Power of Attorney Forms

Mississippi Power of Attorney Forms are prominently used for two (2) reasons; to assign an agent to make everyday representations on behalf of an individual (the principal) and to plan for any period of incapacitation due to age, injury or mental illness. An agent (the attorney-in-fact) can be used to handle individual transactions or they can be given general authority to manage all of the principal’s financial affairs. The durable and medical power of attorney forms are used to appoint agents to act and make decisions for the principal if they become incapacitated. Whenever an individual is selecting a representative, it is very important that the candidate is competent and trustworthy, because the agent will often have access to their assets and confidential information.

Laws – Title 87, Chapter 3

The Mississippi durable power of attorney form authorizes an individual to run the principal’s monetary affairs if they become incapacitated and unable to do so for themselves. Ideally, the representative should be available locally and be able to deal face-to-face with banks, government agencies, creditors, and debtors on the principal’s behalf. An alternative or secondary agent should also be selected in case the first choice…

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The Mississippi general power of attorney form is a document that individuals can use to appoint a representative (called an “attorney-in-fact”) to handle any type of financial decision on behalf of the individual (the principal). The attorney-in-fact will be authorized to conduct real estate transactions, manage investments, operate businesses, file taxes, and perform any other financial management tasks authorized by the principal. This contract stays…

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The Mississippi limited power of attorney form allows an individual to choose an agent to handle a restricted or specific financial action on his or her behalf. The contract will become void once the specified activity has been completed or at the expiration date indicated on the form. This type of power of attorney is most often used to authorize real estate attorneys to close a…

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The Mississippi medical power of attorney form is used to name a health care agent to represent an individual in the event that they are incapacitated due to illness, injury, or old age. Most individuals choose their spouse, a close friend, or a relative to be their agent. The selected representative should be available locally and be trusted to advocate the principal’s views regarding medical treatments….

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The Mississippi minor power of attorney is a legal form delegating certain guardianship powers over a minor child to a designated representative. This form must be completed by one or both of the children’s parents or guardians. The guardian will have the authority to make decisions pertaining to things such as education, health care, travel, and other similar matters. They do not have the authority…

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The Mississippi vehicle transfer power of attorney form (Form 78-003-10-1-1) is used to select a representative to transfer the ownership of an individual’s vehicle to another party. The appointed agent will be responsible for all negotiations and finalizing the transaction which must be in the principal’s best interests. The contract terminates once the vehicle has been sold or at a fixed termination date indicated in…

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The Mississippi real estate power of attorney is used to grant an agent the ability to act on another’s behalf and execute real estate transactions such as buying, selling, and leasing property. This type of appointment is common for individuals seeking to ensure the security and management of their property while absent or physically incapable of doing so themselves. The person assigning authority (the principal) may limit…

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The Mississippi tax power of attorney form, also known as the “Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representation” or “Form 21-002-13,” is a document provided by the Mississippi Department of Revenue that allows residents to authorize third parties to handle their State tax filing. Professional accountants and tax attorneys are most commonly chosen as a tax agent, but any adult resident can be appointed. To…

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