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A New Mexico medical power of attorney form is essentially one portion of a larger document called the New Mexico Optional Advance Health Care Directive Form. The directive gives the principal the ability to appoint a medical representative (Part 1) and make decisions on medical treatment and health care options they wish to receive in the future known as a “living will” (Part 2). The principal’s appointed representative (agent) will have the authority to make important medical decisions on their behalf in the event of incapacitation. This position is usually given to a spouse, relative, or close friend, a person who knows the principal’s values and will respect their wishes.

The ‘instructions for health care’ section, also known as a “living will,” is equipped with checkboxes so that the principal can communicate their decisions regarding treatment, artificial nutrition and hydration, and other life-sustaining health care.

Laws§ 24-7A-2 (Advance Health-Care Directives)

Signing Requirements (§ 24-7A-4) – Two (2) Witnesses