Durable Power of Attorney New York Form – Adobe PDF

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This statutory durable power of attorney form was created from the State Statutes Title 15 – § 5-1513 which allows a resident of New York  to give a person whom you designate, your “Agent”, powers to handle your property during your lifetime. The powers will continue to exist even if you become disabled or incompetent hence the term ‘durable’.

The agent selected may handle any of the following on your behalf as  defined in 5-1502A through 5-1502N of the New York General Obligations Law:

  • Real estate transactions;
  • Chattel and goods transactions;
  • Bond, share, and commodity transactions;
  • Banking transactions;
  • Business operating transactions;
  • Insurance transactions;
  • Estate transactions;
  • Claims and litigation;
  • Personal and family maintenance;
  • Benefits from governmental programs or civil or military service;
  • Health care billing and payment matters; records, reports, and statements;
  • retirement benefit transactions;
  • Tax matters;

As per New York law, the form must be authorized by at least two (2) witnesses or a notary public in order to be valid for use.