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An Ohio medical power of attorney form is used to appoint a health care agent (attorney-in-fact) to make medical decisions in the event of the principal’s incapacitation. This appointment should not be taken lightly; the principal should select a person who is trustworthy, caring, and will make decisions based on the principal’s best interests and personal values. To help clarify one’s values and wishes, the principal can complete the second section of the power of attorney form. This portion allows the principal to specify which medical treatments they want to receive in certain circumstances. If this portion is completed, the health care agent must follow these wishes. The principal may elect not to complete this section, in which case the agent will be authorized to make decisions as they see fit, as long as the principal’s best interests are adhered to.

Living Will – To state a patient’s end-of-life care options in regard to being incapacitated with no realistic chance of being cured.

Laws§ 1337.11-1337.17

Signing Requirements (§ 1337.12(1)(b)) – Two (2) Witnesses or a Notary Public.