Minor (Child) Power of Attorney | Ohio

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Updated on May 10th, 2023

An Ohio minor power of attorney form can be used by parents to authorize another individual to have the powers of a legal guardian over their child, usually for a limited period of time. The appointed attorney-in-fact will be able to represent the parents in all parental decisions for the duration of the contract. This type of agreement is most useful for periods of time in which the minor’s parent will not be able to care for them due to travel, military deployment, or other commitments.  The power of attorney terminates on a specified date or if the principal (the parent) becomes incapacitated. Once the form has been properly executed, it can be filed with the probate court which will designate it as a nomination of standby guardian (per § 1337.28(D)). If the child is living with their grandparent, the grandparent may be appointed as attorney-in-fact for the minor using this form (§ 3109.52).