State Legally Enforceable? Maximum Term  Statutes
 Alabama Yes 2 years (Section 8-1-190(b)(4)) Sections 8-1-190 to 8-1-197
 Alaska Yes 2 years (Wirum & Cash Architects v. Cash (1992)) AS 45.50.910 to 45.50.945 (Alaska Uniform Trade Secrets Act)
 Arizona Yes 3 years (Liss v. Exel Transp. Servs. (2007)) ARS 44-401 to ARS 44-407 (Uniform Trade Secrets Act)
 Arkansas Yes 2 years (Ark. Code § 4-75-101(d)) Ark. Code § 4-75-101
 California No *Indefinite period (*for non-disclosure and non-solicitation) Sections 16600-16607 (Business and Professions Code)
 New Hampshire
 New Jersey
 New Mexico
 New York
 North Carolina
 North Dakota
 Rhode Island
 South Carolina
 South Dakota
Washington D.C. No 2 years for the sale of a business (Deutsch v. Barsky, 795 A.2d 669 (D.C. 2002)) D.C. Law 23-209 (Ban on Non-Compete Agreements Amendment Act of 2020)
West Virginia