StateMaximum Amounts ($)Statute
 Alabama$6,000§ 12-12-31
 Alaska$10,000§ 22.15.040
 Arizona$3,500§ 22-503
 Arkansas$5,000“Guide to Small Claims Court”
 California$10,000 for individuals or sole propriertors, $5,000 for corporations and other entities.§ 116.210-116.270
 Colorado$7,500§ 13-6-403
 Connecticut$5,000§ 51-15(d)
 Delaware$15,000§ 9301
 Florida$8,000Rule 7.010(b)
 Georgia$15,000§ 15-10-2
 Hawaii$5,000§ 633-27“Your Guide to Small Claims Court”
 Idaho$5,000§ 1-2208(1)(a)
 Illinois$10,000Rule 281
 Indiana$6,000 for employment-related, $10,000 for all other matters.Rule 8(c), Small Claims Manual (2022)
 Iowa$6,500§ 631.1
 Kansas$4,000§ 61-2703(a)
 Kentucky$2,500§ 24A.230
 Louisiana$5,000§ 5202
 Maine$6,000§ 7482, “A Guide to Small Claims Cases”
 Maryland$5,000§ 4-405
 Massachusetts$7,000§ 218-21
 Michigan$6,000§ 600.8401
 Minnesota$15,000§ 491A.01
 Mississippi$3,500§ 9-11-9
 Missouri$5,000“Missouri Small Claims Court Handbook”
 Montana$7,000§ 25-35-502
 Nebraska$3,900§ 25-2802Small Claims
 Nevada$10,000§ 73.010
 New Hampshire$10,000§ 503-1
 New Jersey$3,000“New Jersey Judiciary Small Claims”
 New Mexico$10,000§ 34-8a-3
 New York$5,000 for City Courts, $3,000 in Town and Village Courts, $10,000 for New York City, and $5,000 for Nassau and Suffolk CountiesNY Small Claims
 North Carolina$10,000§ 7A-210
 North Dakota$15,000§ 27-08.1-01
 Ohio$6,000§ 1925.02(A)(1)
 Oklahoma$10,000§ 1751
 Oregon$10,000§ 55.011-55.140
 Pennsylvania$12,000“Bringing Suit Before a Magisterial District Judge”
 Rhode Island$5,000§ 10-16-1
 South Carolina$7,500§ 22-3-10
 South Dakota$12,000§ 15-39-45.1
 Tennessee$25,000§ 16-15-501(d)
 Texas$10,000§ 26.042
 Utah$11,000§ 78A-8-102
 Vermont$5,000“A Guide to Small Claims Proceedings in Vermont”
 Virginia$5,000§ 16.1-122.2
 Washington$5,000§ 12.40.010
Washington D.C.$10,000§ 11–1321
West Virginia$10,000§ 50-2-1
 Wisconsin$10,000§ 799.01(d)
 Wyoming$6,000§ 1-21-201