Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form | Vermont

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Updated on May 11th, 2023

A Vermont minor child power of attorney form, in combination with a Petition to Appoint Custodial Guardianship for a Minor, enables another adult to act as a child’s custodial guardian. Custodial guardians are ordered by a court to take personal care of a child until they are old enough to care for themselves or until the biological parents or previous legal guardians are in a position to resume care. A separate consent form must be signed by each biological parent and filed along with the petition and all other necessary documents for the transfer of parental powers to take effect. Without a signed consent form from each parent, the individual petitioning for guardianship will be required to prove parental unfitness to the court.

State Guide to GuardianshipAdobe PDF


  • Statute – § 2623 (Guardianship)
  • Signing Requirements – Each parent must sign their own individual document.