Alabama Power of Attorney Forms

Alabama Power of Attorney documents are available to download to elect someone else to be able to assist and make decisions on your behalf. This power allows a person that you select, to be able to conduct any type of financial, health care, tax filing, or department of motor vehicle-related activity on your behalf. If you will be selecting to have someone be able to make monetary decisions, make sure that he or she is trustworthy as they will have the right to sell real estate or even make loans on your behalf. Once the agreement is signed and notarized it is legal for use and does not become void unless a new document is signed, a revocation is authorized, or upon the death of the Principal.

Laws – Chapter 1A (Uniform Power of Attorney Act)

The Alabama durable power of attorney form allows a person to choose someone else that will have the capability to act in their place for financial decision-making. The term “durable” refers to the designation that if the principal can no longer make decisions for themselves that their selected agent will be able to act on their behalf. Agent Certification (§ 26-1A-302) – Attached to the power…

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The Alabama general power of attorney form allows a resident to handle another person’s monetary affairs only while the person that is being represented is conscious, in a decent state of mind, and not suffering from any type of mental instability such as having signs of dementia. The form allows the agent selected to handle any type of transaction that is related to the Principal…

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The Alabama limited power of attorney lets allows someone to assign someone else, known as the agent or attorney-in-fact, to handle a SPECIFIC responsibility to the benefit of the Principal. Complete and have at least two non-blood related witnesses or a notary public view the signatures to make the form valid. Once the action is complete or if the Principal becomes incapacitated, the document becomes…

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The Alabama medical power of attorney, also known as an ‘Advance Directive’, allows a person to handle another’s health care decision making in the chance the Principal cannot do so for themselves. The medical power of attorney also includes a living will which allows the patient to choose how they would like their end-of-life decisions to be handled. A living will only come into effect…

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The Alabama minor power of attorney allows the parent(s) of a child to handover parental and guardianship rights to someone else for a temporary period lasting up to one (1) year. The person obtaining the rights, known as the “agent” or “attorney-in-fact”, will have powers to choose education institution the child attends, medical decision-making, and any other parental rights in accordance with State laws. At…

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The Alabama DMV power of attorney is used for people who cannot make it perform any type of activity at this State office and would like to designate someone else to do so. This usually is vehicle registration related and the person selected and the Principal must authorize this form as it will need to be presented when performing the designated task. Signing Requirements –…

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The Alabama real estate power of attorney allows someone else to handle responsibilities related to their property. This is most commonly used when selecting an attorney to handle a real estate closing but may also be used to refinance or manage tenants on a property. The State rules for real estate power of attorney are the same as the durable laws, meaning, the owner of…

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The Alabama tax power of attorney form 2848A is mainly for accountants and attorneys to file taxes on someone else’s behalf and to their benefit. The document is only valid for that tax year. It does not need to be notarized like the other forms and needs the signature of the person filing and the principal to be complete. It is advised that the Principal…

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