Living Will Form | Arizona

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Updated on April 13th, 2023

An Arizona living will is a document that is used if a person cannot speak for themselves that gives life-sustaining (or ending) treatment preferences. It is commonly written at the same time as a health care power of attorney that authorizes someone else to make medical decisions on another’s behalf.


In accordance with A.R.S 36-3221, a living will must include the following:

  • Must be in writing;
  • Contains clear language that states an individual’s intentions;
  • Notarized or is witnessed in writing by at least one (1) adult that cannot be a person:
    • Designated to make medical decisions on behalf of the individual;
    • Directly involves the person’s health care at the time the living will is executed; or
    • Related by blood, marriage, adoption, or being part of the individual’s estate (mentioned in their last will).