Arizona Power of Attorney Forms

Arizona Power of Attorney allows an individual (“principal”) to appoint a legal representative (“agent” or “attorney in fact”) to operate on their behalf. The decisions that the agent will have authority to make will vary depending on the type of POA form signed and the scope of power assigned within the legal document. There are a multitude of reasons why an individual would draft a power of attorney; they may anticipate losing decisional capacity and require a loved one to care for their needs once they become incapacitated, they may need a financial representative to gain access to their bank accounts and manage their estate, or they may need to assign a trusted guardian to care for their children. Whatever the reason, both parties (the principal and attorney-in-fact) will need to sign the document verifying their consent.

Laws – §14-5501 to §14-5507

The Arizona durable power of attorney form is used to choose a person to be an “Agent,” to manage the finances of the principal signatory. The agent need not be an attorney but should live in close enough proximity to the principal to perform necessary financial tasks if it becomes necessary. The document enables the principal to grant the agent specific powers while denying them…

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The Arizona general power of attorney form allows a person in Arizona to elect an individual to handle all financial decisions on their behalf. All decisions made by the chosen representative must be in the best interest of the assignor. The form becomes invalid in such a case where the principal loses decisional capacity or becomes incapacitated in any other manner. The principal may revoke…

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The Arizona limited power of attorney form, also known as the “durable special power of attorney,” is a document that allows a person to choose a representative to handle specific financial matters on their behalf. The power granted to the agent could be as simple as picking up mail or as involved as the handling of real estate transactions. All laws that apply to a…

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The Arizona medical power of attorney, also referred to as an “Advance Directive”, includes a Living Will which allows the principal to choose their end-of-life treatment options. The principal may articulate which types of medical care they will permit, and the care that they demand be foregone. Because every turn of event can’t be foreseen, the agent chosen through the medical power of attorney will…

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The Arizona minor power of attorney allows a parent to delegate caretaking duties to someone else for a period of up to six (6) months (for military members, up to one (1) year). The form must be signed with the parent in the presence of a witness AND a notary public. If the parent would like to have the form last longer than the maximum…

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The Arizona motor vehicle division (MVD) power of attorney form can be used to elect a representative to handle title and registration of a vehicle on the behalf of a company or individual. The representative will need the title and registration application and may choose to handle the process at an office location. Alternatively, the process can be accomplished by mailing the necessary documents to the…

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The Arizona real estate power of attorney form is used by those who wish to delegate certain powers to another individual (attorney-in-fact). The individual completing the form (“principal”) can grant complete power to their attorney-in-fact or they can grant specific powers, as long as they relate to real property. This type of POA document is often implemented to allow a real estate professional to handle…

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The Arizona power of attorney revocation form can be used to cancel or void any type of existing power of attorney document. In order to be considered legally valid, the form must be completed in its entirety, signed by the principal, and notarized by a certified notarial officer. The alternative process through which an individual can terminate a power of attorney is through the creation…

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The Arizona tax power of attorney form 285 can be used to elect a person (usually an accountant) to handle another person’s tax filing within the State of Arizona. This document is the only POA form that does not need to have its signatures acknowledged before a notary public or witnessed. Typically, this form will be attached to the tax filer’s State income tax return sent…

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