Medical Power of Attorney Arkansas Form – PDF

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Use this Form to: Choose a Health Care agent to make decisions for you in the chance you cannot speak for yourself.
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An Arkansas medical power of attorney allows a principal’s wishes to be carried out by another person (the “agent”) with regard to their end of life health care. Essentially, the document allows the agent to consent to, refuse, and withdraw consent to medical treatments proposed and administered by the healthcare professionals caring for the principal. The power granted to the agent is durable, meaning it will endure beyond the incapacitation of the principal. Due to the importance of the role the agent plays, it is usually a trusted family member selected as they’re usually the most knowledgeable on what the principal would want.

Laws§ 20-6-103(b)

Signing requirements (§ 20-6-103(c)) – Must be notarized or witnessed by two (2) adult witnesses.

Living Will (Advance Directive) – With a Living Will,  the principal makes their wishes known about what types of medical care they don’t want to receive, such as heroic methods at the end of life. Due to the impossibility of knowing the extent of the choices that will have to be made, an individual must be designated to make specific decisions in medical matters. This person is known as the Health Care Agent, and he or she is named in the Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.