Arkansas Power of Attorney Forms

Arkansas Power of Attorney enable residents of the State to nominate a representative, or agent, to act on their behalf in a variety of circumstances. The chosen individual needn’t be an actual attorney, just a trusted individual over the age of eighteen (18) who is responsible enough to manage one’s finances, to make healthcare decisions, to care for children, or perform any other function the principal (individual assigning power of attorney) cannot carry out due to incapacity or unavailability. The type of form will determine whether the authority extends beyond the principal’s loss of decisional capacity just as it will define the task(s) for which the agent is being assigned.

Laws – A.C.A. Tit. 28, Subtit. 5, Ch. 68

The Arkansas durable statutory power of attorney form allows for a person to let someone else take care of all financial related responsibilities. The “durable” functionality allows a person to still be able to make monetary transactions even if the principal should fall into a state of mental incapacity. The document must be authorized with at least two (2) witnesses although it is highly recommended…

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The Arkansas general power of attorney form can be used to grant the full rights to an attorney-in-fact (also known as the agent) to handle the finances of the principal. By executing the document, the signatory will enable the chosen representative to carry out the responsibilities defined therein. The primary difference between a general power of attorney and one which is durable is the former…

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The Arkansas guardianship over a minor child power of attorney can be used by the parents of minor children to select a family member or close friend to act as the guardian. Arkansas law does not specify a limit on the term of validity for this type of arrangement. Unless an advance expiration date is established by the parents, the agent’s authority will only be terminated…

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The Arkansas limited power of attorney permits someone to choose another to take care of a specific financial act or obligation on his or her behalf. The action can be anything from cashing a check to purchasing real estate. Most limited power of attorney documents becomes void after completion of the act or after a fixed time period. The power can be revoked at any…

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The Arkansas medical power of attorney allows a principal’s wishes to be carried out by another person (the “agent”) with regard to their end of life health care. Essentially, the document allows the agent to consent to, refuse, and withdraw consent to medical treatments proposed and administered by the healthcare professionals caring for the principal. The power granted to the agent is durable, meaning it…

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The Arkansas real estate power of attorney is a legal document used to grant specific powers to an authorized representative. This type of power of attorney limits the attorney-in-fact in that they can only manage tasks relating to the principal’s real estate, such as buying and selling, leasing, investing, deeds, and general managerial duties. The principal may choose to grant all these powers to their…

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The Arkansas tax power of attorney form is a state-issued document that can be used to provide a tax attorney with the legal authority to represent a taxpayer in the filing of their income tax return. The agent will have access to confidential tax information and the authority to perform any act relayed in the power of attorney document. The same document can be used to…

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The Arkansas vehicle power of attorney form enables an individual to choose an agent to handle the registration, titling, or the transfer of any type of motor vehicle in the state. The simple form features the personal information of both parties involved as well as the languague necessary to grant the attorney-in-fact with the appropriate power once the document has been executed. If transferring (purchase…

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