Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Iowa Form – PDF – Word

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Use this Form to: delegate parental rights to a representative for a temporary period.
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The Iowa minor (child) power of attorney form is used by parents to authorize a representative, or “agent,” to temporarily act in a parental capacity to provide care for their child. Iowa law states that the agent may perform any act necessary to maintain the child’s usual standard of living. With the appointed powers, the agent will not only be able to provide care in the form of food, shelter, and transportation, but also to make decisions affecting the child’s education and health care. The parents may decide to terminate the power of attorney upon either an expiration date of their choosing (there are no laws limiting the duration this period) or upon their disability or deaths.

Laws § 633B.213(1)(a)

Signing Requirements – Notary Public (§ 633B.105)