Medical Power of Attorney Louisiana Form – Adobe PDF

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The Louisiana Medical Power of Attorney Form, a part of an Advance Directive, is a durable power of attorney that grants a health care agent the authority to act on behalf of a principal (the person creating the document) when they can no longer make decisions themselves due to mental incapacitation. The second part of the Advance Directive is the Living Will which provides the principal with the ability to dictate what end of life treatments and procedures they reject and consent to. Due to the importance of the decisions made on behalf of the principal, it is generally recommended that the agent selected be someone with whom the principal is very close such as a spouse, child (above the age of eighteen), or close friend.

Signing requirements – The advance directive must be signed before two (2) witnesses and it is recommended that it be notarized as well (§224. Execution of advance directive).

Laws RS 28:221 – RS 28:226