Louisiana Power of Attorney Forms

Louisiana Power of Attorney are documents that allow a resident of the State to elect a representative to act on their behalf. The representative is called the attorney-in-fact and this individual will be granted specific powers based on the type of power of attorney form selected and the scope of authority granted therein. They may be asked to make health care decisions on the principal’s behalf and represent their wishes as relayed in an advance directive form. Alternatively, they may simply be asked to transfer the title of a vehicle from one owner to the other. Regardless of the exact purpose of the document, the selected agent will be required to act solely in the best interests of the principal and must not seek to benefit from the authority granted to them.

Laws – Louisiana Civil Code Art.2989 – Art.2997, Art.3024 – Art. 3026 and RS 28:221 – RS 28:226

The Louisiana durable power of attorney form can be used to select an agent to have unlimited and unrestricted power over the finances of the individual creating the form. This document is a general power of attorney that is durable, meaning that the financial powers bestowed on the agent will sustain the incapacitation of the individual for which the power of attorney was created. The below document…

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A Louisiana general power of attorney form is one that can be used to transfer unlimited financial powers to an agent. The principal, the person creating the form, must complete the document in its entirety and the agent must accept the position in order for the transfer to be considered valid. In Louisiana, these documents are often referred to as a “procuration in Louisiana” or a…

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The Lousiana limited financial power of attorney is a legal document that allows a person to be able to handle specific actions on behalf of someone else. The person being represented is known as the “Principal” and the person doing performing the representation the “Agent” or “Attorney in Fact”. The “limited” nature of the document is in relation to the acts and decisions the agent…

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The Louisiana Medical Power of Attorney Form, a part of an Advance Directive, is a durable power of attorney that grants a health care agent the authority to act on behalf of a principal (the person creating the document) when they can no longer make decisions themselves due to mental incapacitation. The second part of the Advance Directive is the Living Will which provides the…

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The Louisiana minor power of attorney form is a document that allows a parent to temporarily grant powers to another individual to act as the child’s guardian. In Louisiana, the more common term for a minor power of attorney is a “provisional custody by mandate.” Custody of one’s children should only be given to a trusted individual, someone who is responsible enough to make good…

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The Louisana motor vehicle power of attorney form is a document that enables a representative to handle a resident’s vehicle transactions. The form provides the agent with the authority to sign documents on the resident’s behalf regarding the titling, registering and selling of the vehicle described within the document. All that is required of the owner is to complete the one-page document and sign where applicable…

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The Louisiana real estate power of attorney is used by individuals seeking to authorize another party to handle their real estate matters. The person delegating authority, known as the “principal,” must choose their representative carefully as this individual will generally be allowed to purchase, sell, and lease property on their behalf. This type of authorization is commonly used by homeowners and licensed brokers who need an agent…

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The Louisiana tax power of attorney form, or ‘R-7006’, is designated for residents seeking to have someone else file taxes on their behalf. The resident in question will have the option to select that the form lasts for a set period of time so that they do not have to update every year. The declaration of a representative form can be used to supply the…

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