Tax Power of Attorney Louisiana Form R-7006 – PDF

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A Louisiana tax power of attorney form, or “R-7006,” is designated for residents seeking to have someone else file taxes on their behalf. The resident in question will have the option to select that the form lasts for a set period of time so that they do not have to update it every year. The declaration of a representative form can be used to supply the authority to conduct the following acts:

  • Sign the return(s) for the above tax matters.
  • Execute an agreement to suspend the prescription of tax.
  • File a protest against a proposed assessment.
  • Execute offers in compromise or settlements of tax liability.
  • Represent the taxpayer before the department in any proceeding, including protest hearings.
  • Obtain a private letter ruling on behalf of the taxpayer.

Signing requirements – The document only needs to be signed by the taxpayer.