Tax Power of Attorney Form | Michigan

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Updated on May 5th, 2023

A Michigan tax power of attorney form (Form 151) allows for a representative to handle any and all tax filings with the Department of Treasury on behalf of the principal (the individual being represented). The principal may choose to authorize the agent to handle any of the following:

  • Receive, inspect, and provide confidential information
  • Represent the principal in oral or written presentation of fact or argument
  • Sign returns
  • Enter into agreements

Unlike other power of attorney documents in Michigan, this form does not need to be witnessed or notarized. Once complete (if for an individual), the document should be sent to:

  • Mailing Address: Michigan Department of Treasury, Customer Contact Center, Individual Correspondence Section, P.O. Box 30058, Lansing, MI 48909
  • Fax: (517) 636-4488
Signing Requirements – Principal only.