Michigan Power of Attorney Forms

Michigan Power of Attorney Forms authorize a representative to make decisions and act on behalf of the principal (the individual being represented). The arrangement may be limited to authorizing the representative to handle a single transaction or they can receive total authority to manage the principal’s finances. The durable and medical power of attorney forms allows individuals to elect agents to handle their financial and medical needs if they become incapacitated due to injury, old age, or illness. Most powers of attorney must be validated by the signatures of two (2) subscribing witnesses or a notary public.

Laws – Chapter 700, Act 386-V

The Michigan durable power of attorney form allows an individual, known as the “principal,” to choose a representative to make any type of financial decisions and actions on their behalf. This type of contract either comes into effect immediately (and endure after the principal’s incapacitation) or only upon a physician declaring that the principal has become incapacitated. A secondary agent should also be assigned in…

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The Michigan general power of attorney form is used to designate an attorney-in-fact to perform financial transactions on the principal’s behalf. The contract allows the attorney-in-fact unrestricted monetary powers as long as they act for the benefit of the principal. Unlike the durable power of attorney, the contract is terminated if the principal becomes incapacitated. Signing Requirements – Two (2) Witnesses and/or Notary Public recommended….

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The Michigan limited power of attorney form is used to appoint an agent to represent the principal (the individual creating the power of attorney) in a limited or specific capacity. This agreement usually terminates once the relevant task or transaction has been completed or on a date specified in the document. The most common purpose for this type of contract is to authorize a real estate…

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The Michigan medical power of attorney form is used to designate a “patient advocate” to make all health care decisions for the principal if they become incapacitated due to illness, old age, or injury. The principal and their patient advocate should share similar values as to health care and the advocate should be able to comfortably fulfill the principal’s requests when the time comes. It…

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The Michigan minor power of attorney form allows for the parent of a minor to designate an agent to obtain guardianship over a minor. This type of authorization is most often used when the parent has to be away from the minor due to work, military deployment, or education. The guardian’s powers are limited to decisions such as education, health care, and other important matters;…

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The Michigan real estate power of attorney enables a property owner to grant another party permission to act on their behalf and make decisions relating to real estate. The chosen representative will have legal authorization to execute any transaction sanctioned by the property owner (a.k.a., the principal) such as paying their bills, executing leases, submitting offers to purchase, and selling real property. If the principal prefers,…

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The Michigan revocation of power of attorney form is used to cancel an existing power of attorney form that was created in the State. Once completed, the form must be sent to the agent(s) representing the principal’s interests and to all relevant private and public entities to ensure that they are made aware that the original power of attorney has been voided. Laws – §…

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The Michigan tax power of attorney form (Form 151) allows for a representative to handle any and all tax filings with the Department of Treasury on behalf of the principal (the individual being represented). The principal may choose to authorize the agent to handle any of the following: Receive, inspect and provide confidential information Represent the principal in oral or written presentation of fact or…

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The Michigan vehicle power of attorney form, or TR-128 (as known by the Department of State), is a document that authorizes a representative to handle the purchase or sale of an automobile, motorcycle, vessel, or mobile home on the principal’s behalf. The representative must oversee the transaction in the principal’s best interests. Furthermore, the vehicle or mobile home must be registered and/or located within the…

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