Oklahoma Power of Attorney Forms

Oklahoma Power of Attorney Forms allow the designation of an individual (the “Agent”) to make financial or medical decisions on someone else’s behalf. Each form serves a different purpose and comes with its own restrictions and obligations. What they have in common is the fact that the principal is transferring power to a trusted representative to act on their behalf. In some cases, these powers will continue even if the principal becomes incapacitated, in other words, a “durable” power of attorney form. This type of form can protect the principal’s personal assets and business affairs from falling into the wrong hands. Whether the principal chooses a durable power of attorney or not, they should carefully consider who they name as their attorney-in-fact.

Laws – Title 58. Probate Procedure, Chapter 17A – Uniform Durable Power of Attorney Act

The Oklahoma durable power of attorney directs an attorney-in-fact to represent the principal indefinitely in all personal and/or business-related financial matters. The form provided will come into effect immediately upon execution and will remain valid until the principal chooses to revoke it, as long as they are competent. If the principal becomes incapacitated, the form continues to be binding, thus, the term “durable.” For the…

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An Oklahoma general power of attorney form grants certain financial powers to an authorized representative (attorney-in-fact). The principal (creator of the document) executes this form when they would like a trusted person to take care of matters such as property management, banking and business transactions, estate and trust affairs, and other important personal and business activities. An appointed attorney-in-fact does not have to be an…

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The Oklahoma limited power of attorney form allows a person to authorize a range of restricted (limited) responsibilities or actions to a trusted representative, also known as an “attorney-in-fact.” The powers granted to the attorney-in-fact should be detailed in the document so there is no mistaking what actions the representative can take. This type of power of attorney document is commonly used when the principal…

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The Oklahoma medical power of attorney form is used to appoint a representative (“health care proxy” or “attorney-in-fact”) to make decisions for the principal relating to health care treatments and operations. The principal can be specific about the powers granted unto the health care proxy or they can choose to give them the power to make all medical decisions. This power of attorney form usually…

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The Oklahoma minor power of attorney form authorizes an individual to have temporary custody over a minor and is executed by the minor’s parent or legal guardian. In most cases, parents will only have to use this type of agreement for a period during which they will be away from their child. Reasons for this separation can include the parent’s work, military deployment, post-secondary education, specialized…

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The Oklahoma real estate power of attorney is most frequently used by individuals to handle real estate closings for the purchase or sale of property. The contract allows the principal (the creator) to appoint an agent who will be authorized to make real estate decisions and execute legal documents on the principal’s behalf. In addition to being used for real estate transactions, the principal can…

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An Oklahoma power of attorney revocation form can be executed to cancel any type of power of attorney document. The principal must complete the one-page document and have it notarized. Technically, the revocation is effective immediately. However, to prevent any person from continuing to follow the instructions or directives as per the power of attorney, the principal must send copies of the revocation form to…

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The Oklahoma tax power of attorney form allows a person to select a representative to manage the filing of taxes with the Oklahoma Tax Commission. This power of attorney form, also known as Form BT-129, can delegate specific powers to the agent or can authorize the agent to represent the principal in all tax matters. It is recommended that the appointed agent be a certified…

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