Pennsylvania Power of Attorney Forms

Pennsylvania Power of Attorney Forms are legal documents used to appoint an attorney-in-fact to represent a person in certain financial, medical, and other important life affairs. These forms can be executed and revoked only when the principal is of a sound mind and competent enough to make such decisions. Some powers of attorney terminate upon the principal’s incapacitation, whereas a durable power of attorney allows the attorney-in-fact to maintain control over the matters expressed in the document. Regardless of the type of form used, the principal would be wise to appoint a trustworthy, devoted individual who will always act with the principal’s best interests in mind.

Laws – Chapter 56: Powers of Attorney

A Pennsylvania durable power of attorney is a long-term arrangement between two individuals; the principal (individual implementing the form) and an attorney-in-fact (appointed representative). This type of power of attorney form is used to transfer financial authority from the principal to the attorney-in-fact. It is durable because the form does not terminate when the principal becomes incapacitated, unlike some other powers of attorney. Executing this…

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The Pennsylvania general power of attorney form allows a principal to designate certain financial powers to a representative (attorney-in-fact). This type of form does not remain in effect if the principal becomes incapacitated; for a more long-term arrangement, one can complete the durable power of attorney form. The principal should take time to consider their options for a representative. An attorney-in-fact should be someone close,…

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A Pennsylvania limited power of attorney form allows a person to select someone else to carry out one or more specific business-related tasks for them. The principal can choose to have the document terminate upon completion of the task or upon a termination date set forth in the form. The attorney-in-fact must carry out all tasks described in the power of attorney to the best…

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The Pennsylvania medical power of attorney enables an individual to establish instructions regarding end-of-life treatments and medications and to appoint an attorney-in-fact to make medical decisions on their behalf. The first part, durable health care power of attorney, is where the principal will enter the name of a trusted individual that they would like handling all health care matters for them in the event of…

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The Pennsylvania minor power of attorney form is a contract by which a parent may delegate parental authority over their children to another individual for a limited duration. As per state law, an attorney-in-fact can be appointed by the principal to take care of their children and any other individuals legally entitled to be supported by them. This designation can ensure that someone will be able…

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The Pennsylvania real estate power of attorney is a legal contract that allows individuals to appoint a representative who will make property-related decisions in their place. The creator of the document (the principal) will designate the powers given to the agent and the term of the contract, which can be used to authorize an agent to purchase, sell, and manage property for the principal. The…

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The Pennsylvania tax power of attorney form appoints an accountant (attorney-in-fact) to represent a person regarding certain tax matters. This power of attorney, also known as Form REV-677, is provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. The principal must select which years they wish their attorney-in-fact to deal with as well as what tasks specifically. It is common for people to appoint a certified accountant…

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