South Carolina Power of Attorney Forms

South Carolina Power of Attorney Forms allow for the medical and/or financial representation of another person. All actions and decisions made on behalf of the principal must be done in the best interests and to the sole benefit of the person being represented. In the chance of incapacitation by the principal, two forms may be selected, known as ‘durable’ forms, that remain in effect during the time of mental incapacity. Therefore, it is recommended that when entering old age, the durable forms be implemented to ensure that the principal’s full rights will be represented and wellbeing cared for in medical emergencies.

Laws – Title 62, Article 5 (Protection of Persons Under Disability and Their Property) & Article 8 (South Carolina Uniform Power of Attorney Act)

The South Carolina durable power of attorney form allows a principal to name a person who can make any type of financial decision on their behalf. While seldom an actual attorney, the person that represents the principal needs to be someone they can trust to do everything from paying bills to managing investments. An important factor in the choice of the attorney-in-fact (the representative) is local…

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The South Carolina general power of attorney form allows for the financial representation of a resident without the effect of durability, meaning the form terminates upon the principal’s incapacitation. The form is common among business partners seeking to act on one another’s behalf one either party is out of the area and would like someone else to sign important documents on their behalf. The document…

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The South Carolina limited power of attorney form is a legal document that lets a principal address specific and limited monetary powers that they wish to grant to an agent known as an “attorney-in-fact.” The document may not be configured as durable, meaning that it will cease to be effective if the principal becomes incapacitated. The form becomes void at the completion of the assigned…

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The South Carolina medical power of attorney form allows a principal to choose a surrogate to handle their health care facility and treatment options in the chance that they cannot make such decisions themselves. The most common selection for the surrogate is a spouse, relative, or close friend. As the person selected is not paid other than expenses reimbursed for lodging and travel, the principal will want…

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The South Carolina minor power of attorney form is a document that can be used to delegate guardianship powers over a child to a trusted individual. While there are no laws which clearly define the length of the period the guardian will have custody over the child, it is commonplace that the agreement endures for a period of six (6) to twelve (12) months before a…

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The South Carolina real estate power of attorney is a document that a real estate agent will often present to a homeowner so that they may represent them in the buying, selling, or leasing of real property. While this is the most common application, this document can also be employed to assist a property owner in the refinancing a home or the continued maintenance of…

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The South Carolina tax power of attorney form enables a principal to select a person to handle and file their taxes with the South Carolina Department of Revenue. It is advised that the representative be a tax professional as any errors made when filing will ultimately be the responsibility of the principal. Unlike other power of attorney documents in South Carolina, the form does not need…

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