Real Estate Power of Attorney Form | Tennessee

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Updated on May 10th, 2023

Tennessee real estate power of attorney is a legal document that provides a real estate agent or another individual the ability to represent a homeowner or buyer in the purchasing or selling of real property in the State of Tennessee. The document must be completed in full, defining the nature of the relationship between the two parties and the powers that will be granted to the agent in question. While such a document is most frequently used to authorize the transfer of real estate, it can also provide a third party with the ability to care for the property in question, performing many of the duties of a landlord until the contract expires. Both parties must sign the document for it to be considered legally valid.


  • Statute § 34-6-109 (Uniform Durable Power of Attorney Act)
  • Signing Requirements – There are no state statutes that define the execution requirements of a power of attorney document. However, it is recommended that the signatures on the document be notarized and/or witnessed by two adult witnesses.