Tennessee Power of Attorney Forms

Tennessee Power of Attorney Forms lets a resident to choose someone else to act on their behalf and manage their finances, medical treatment, vehicles, taxes, and child care. All choices and actions taken by the selected agent must be to the benefit of the person being represented (the “principal”). The document(s) selected, at the sole discretion of the principal, may be deemed durable which means the form would remain in effect if the loss of decisional capacity were to occur.

Laws – Title 34, Chapter 6 (Power of Attorney)

The Tennessee durable power of attorney form lets a principal name a representative that can manage all their financial needs. The selected representative is known as an attorney-in-fact, though this person does not need to be an actual attorney. Whoever is chosen as attorney-in-fact should be someone trustworthy and well-known by the principal. It is also recommended to name an alternative representative in case the…

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The Tennessee general power of attorney form is used to select a person who can handle financial acts on another’s behalf. This power of attorney is not “durable” and therefore will be void upon the incapacity of the principal. Individuals seeking a document which remains in effect when the principal is incapacitated should use the Durable Power of Attorney form in place of the general…

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The Tennessee limited power of attorney document allows a resident to choose someone else to handle specific monetary related actions or decisions on their behalf. The person doing the representation, known as the “agent,” must always perform their duties in the best interests of the person being represented, the “principal.” The principal may choose the agent’s powers by selecting them from a list of options on…

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The Tennessee medical power of attorney form allows an individual, known as a “principal,” to appoint a health care representative to make medical treatment decisions on their behalf. The representative must act consistently with the principal’s desires as stated in the document. Generally, the individual chosen to represent the principal will be a spouse, child, relative, or close friend. Living Will – Allows a patient…

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The Tennessee motor vehicle power of attorney form is used to select another person to handle one’s decisions in relation to a motor vehicle located in Tennessee. The agent chosen by the vehicle owner will have the authority to conduct transactions such as applying for a Duplicate Title, Transfer of Title, Noting of Lien, Application for Title and Registration, Request for Verification of Ownership on…

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The Tennessee parental guardianship for minor child power of attorney form is a document that can be used to assign temporary parental rights to an attorney-in-fact. Often a document such as this will be used when hardship strikes a parent or guardian and their health or finances prevent them from being able to care for their child in the manner they deserve and require. In the State…

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The Tennessee real estate power of attorney is a legal document which provides a real estate agent or other individual the ability to represent a homeowner or buyer in the purchasing or selling of real property in the State of Tennessee. The document must be completed in full, defining the nature of the relationship between the two parties and the powers that will be granted to…

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The Tennessee tax power of attorney form has been provided by the Tennessee Department of Revenue for all situations where another person is needed to take control of one’s tax filings. This form is only applicable to the State of Tennessee and may not be used for filing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). After a tax representative has been chosen, they will have permission to…

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