Utah Power of Attorney Forms

Utah Power of Attorney Forms allows an individual to choose another party to represent them and make financial, medical, tax (filing), and parental guardianship (minor child) decisions on their behalf. The person granting the power is known as the “principal,” and the person accepting the designation is known as the “agent” or “attorney-in-fact.” Under Utah power of attorney law, the principal may create a “Durable” form which continues to be effective even if the principal should become mentally disabled.

Laws – Title 75 (Utah Uniform Probate Code)

The Utah durable power of attorney form allows a principal to name an attorney-in-fact to manage their financial affairs effective immediately and continues if they can no longer make decisions for themselves, whether it’s temporarily or permanently. While this individual needn’t be a lawyer, he or she must be someone the principal trusts and is willing and able to do anything from paying the gas…

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The Utah general power of attorney form permits an individual, known as a “principal,” to choose someone they can trust to handle any and all financial activity related to their business, investment, and personal affairs. When choosing a representative, the principal should appoint someone who will act in their best interests and to there benefit only. The person selected will have the unlimited restriction and ability…

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The Utah limited power of attorney form is used to appoint someone to make limited financial choices on behalf of the individual creating the power of attorney. The financial responsibilities shall be written by the principal (person designating responsibility) in the document and should be granted to an agent they select and deem trustworthy. The form is not durable, meaning that if the principal should become…

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The Utah medical power of attorney form, also known as an ‘Advance Health Care Directive,’ consists of two parts; the Living Will, through which a principal can define the conditions under which they consent to receive certain types of life-prolonging/terminating medical treatments, and a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, where an agent can be named to make all health care decisions for the…

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The Utah minor child parental guardianship power of attorney is used to delegate guardianship duties for the care of a minor child including educational and health care decisions for a term of up to six (6) months. If the principal would like the arrangement to be longer than the six (6) month period, he or she will need to make another document when the power of attorney…

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The Utah real estate power of attorney can be used to enable a real estate agent to operate in the best interests of an individual looking to purchase or sell a piece of real estate in Utah. The terms and conditions of the form will dictate the exact acts the agent will have the authority to execute and for how long they will have the power to do…

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The Utah revocation of power of attorney form is used to cancel any financial or medical power of attorney form in existence within the State. In order for the form to take effect, the principal from the original document must fill in this document and authorize in front of a notary public. From there, he or she should distribute the completed revocation to the previous agent…

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The Utah tax power of attorney form, otherwise known as form TC-737, allows for the appointment of a tax representative to handle any and all State tax filings with the Utah State Tax Commission. It is recommended to choose either a Certified Public Accountant or Tax Attorney as any omissions or errors will be the liability of the principal. In order to complete, the form…

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