Alaska Power of Attorney Forms

An Alaska power of attorney allows residents to choose a person they would like to make financial, medical, or both types of decisions on their behalf. Seeing as the person(s) selected will have unlimited power, in some cases, to act in your presence, it is recommended to choose someone trustworthy. The forms must be completed with all the persons involved present and thinking clear minds knowing what each is getting themselves involved with. The signatures must be in front of either a notary public or two witnesses with no blood relation to any of the parties in the form.

Laws – Title 13, Chapter 26 (Protection of Persons Under Disability and Their Property; Powers of Attorney)

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An Alaska minor child power of attorney may be used by a parent that would like to have a relative serve as the guardian for a child over their school and health care issues. The maximum time frame this is allowed is for one (1) year. The arrangement may continue longer if a new power of attorney document is signed when the term is reached….


An Alaska durable power of attorney form grants someone else unrestricted financial permission to act on a principal’s behalf, even if the principal becomes incapacitated. It must be completed and signed by all parties before a notary public. Commonly Used For Real estate transactions; Buying or selling personal property; Investment transactions; Business operations; Insurance purposes; Retirement plans; Claims and litigation; Personal relationships and affairs; Government…


An Alaska general power of attorney form is designated for residents that would like to have someone else able to represent their interests in financial activity. Unlike the durable version, if the Principal should become incapacitated, the form becomes void. Although the document has the same unrestricted powers and should only be given to someone highly trustworthy. Signing Requirements – Must be signed in the…


An Alaska advance directive, also referred to as the “medical power of attorney,” lets a person (principal) choose someone else (agent) to act in his or her best interest in making health care decisions when the principal cannot do so because of a mental condition. This form is commonly used among the elderly, high-risk diseases, and the terminally ill so that the families may be…


An Alaska limited power of attorney assigns a specific task to another person known as the “agent.” The activity performed by the agent must be completed in the best interests of the principal, and once finished, the document becomes void. This form is common among real estate closings where the buyer or seller will just have their attorney or representative handle all the related signatures….


An Alaska tax power of attorney form, or “775_POA” as it’s legally referenced, allows a CPA, tax attorney, or employee to file taxes on behalf of a 3rd party. This includes the following: Individual Partnership Corporation Limited Liability Company (LLC) Any other type of entity Signing Requirements – After completing, it must be signed by the principal and the agent to be legal for use….


An Alaska minor power of attorney allows a parent or guardian to delegate the custody and care of their child to someone else. This is most common with individuals involved in military service, going to jail, or any reason suitable for a child to be in the care of another for up to one (1) year. If the parent or guardian would like to have…


An Alaska real estate power of attorney allows a landlord or property owner to elect someone else to manage, sell, buy, refinance, or execute any other real estate-related task. The document corresponds to the durable laws meaning that the term “real estate transactions” on the statutory form is defined and expanded in AS 13.26.665(7) to include deeds, assignments, mortgages, leases, and notices. Therefore, this document…