Florida Power of Attorney Forms

Florida Power of Attorney allows a resident to choose someone else (an “Agent”, “Attorney-in-Fact”, or “Surrogate”) to handle actions and decisions on their behalf. Each form serves a unique purpose; one may be used to assign a health care surrogate to oversee an individual’s end-of-life care while another may be used to provide a tax accountant with the authority to file a Florida resident’s state taxes. If the document is “durable,” the authority granted to the agent is indefinite and persists the principal’s incapacitation. A non-durable power of attorney will become void should the principal lose decisional capacity.

Laws – Florida Power of Attorney Act (ss. 709.2101-709.2402) and Florida Health Care Advance Directives (Chapter 765)

The Florida durable power of attorney form is used by a person seeking to choose someone else to handle financial transactions on their behalf. This is common for senior citizens that elect family members to handle their banking, taxes, and real estate. The term “durable” refers to the document remaining valid if the principal should become incapacitated (ex. Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, etc.) “Durable” definition – §…

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The Florida general power of attorney form allows for the same rights for an agent as the durable, which is to act in the principal’s best interest for any financial matter legal within the State. The difference lies in the fact that the general form does not remain valid if the principal loses decisional capacity; at such a point the document would become void. For…

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The Florida limited power of attorney form provides an agent with the authority to handle a specific financial decision or transaction on behalf of the principal. The task can range from representing the person at a real estate closing to withdrawing money from his or her bank account. It is imperative that the agent understands the extent of their authority and that they follow the…

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The Florida medical power of attorney form, referred to as the Designation of Health Care Surrogate, is a document that enables an individual to select their health care representative to prepare for a circumstance in which they are unable to effectively communicate their wishes. The form, in conjunction with a living will (also linked below), provides the principal with the peace of mind of knowing their…

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The Florida minor (child) power of attorney form enables a parent to choose a representative and provide them with specific, temporary parental authority. The individual chosen for this position will serve as the child’s caregiver and act on the parent’s behalf. While the representative’s duties may vary, they will typically be asked to supply services necessary to maintain the child’s customary standard of living (e.g., transportation, food,…

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The Florida motor vehicle power of attorney form may be used to elect a person to handle a title transfer (Sale) or application, as well as register the operating vehicle with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (Find Office). The principal, referred to as the grantor, must complete the form in its entirety and submit it to their local tax collector office….

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The Florida real estate power of attorney gives an agent the power to handle a real estate transaction on behalf of a Florida resident. The principal (creator of the real estate power of attorney) may choose to use the available fields on the document to restrict and limit the agent in their ability to represent them. However, if the principal elects to grant broad and…

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A Florida real estate power of attorney grants permissions relating to real property to an authorized agent. The agent chosen by the principal (person who executes the document) should be someone who is qualified to deal with such property assignments and is trusted by the principal. In some cases, the principal will only require the agent to complete one task for them, such as the…

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The Florida revocation power of attorney form is a document that can be used to cancel any power of attorney document in the State of Florida. The one-page document provides the grantor with the ability to identify the previously applied agreement and terminate the contract effective immediately upon signing. It should be noted that the document must be notarized to be considered valid. Laws – §…

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The Florida tax power of attorney form, or Form DR-835, allows a resident of Florida to choose an accountant or any other person to handle their State tax filing on their behalf. Unlike other power of attorney documents in Florida, this does not need to be witnessed or signed with a notary present. The principal need only complete the document in its entirety to grant…

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