Missouri Power of Attorney Forms

Missouri Power of Attorney Forms permit individuals to have third party representation by authorizing agents to act on their behalf. There are three (3) different types of contracts for assigning a financial agent: the durable, general, and limited power of attorney forms. The tax and motor vehicle forms are usually used for a single transaction involving tax filing or a vehicle sale, respectively. The durable power attorney forms allow the person being represented (the principal) to appoint a representative to make financial or medical decisions for them if they become incapacitated. There is no state statute that requires witnesses when executing the document but it is usually required to have a notary public acknowledge and stamp the completed and signed form.

Laws – Chapter 404 (§ 404.700 through § 404.872)

The Missouri durable power of attorney form is used to allow a representative (known as the ‘”attorney-in-fact”) to act on the behalf of another individual (the principal) in financial matters, such as running their business, signing legal documents, paying bills, filing taxes, and managing assets. Usually, a spouse, relative, or close friend is chosen to be the principal’s attorney-in-fact. In Missouri, the agreement becomes void…

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The Missouri general power of attorney form allows an individual person to select an agent to handle any type of financial decision making on their behalf (in accordance with § 404.710). The principal may apply restrictions on the authorities assigned to the representative (the “attorney-in-fact”) as they see fit. The agreement can be terminated by the principal at any time and becomes ineffective if the…

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The Missouri limited power of attorney forms allows individuals to appoint representatives to handle a specific task on their behalf. The assigned task may be any financial act legal in the state, but this document is most often used to authorize real estate attorneys to handle property transactions for the principal (the individual being represented). This type of agreement usually terminates at the conclusion of…

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The Missouri medical power of attorney form grants a third party the authority to act as an individual’s health care agent to make all decisions in regards to their health care if they become incapacitated. In the contract, the individual being represented (the principal) will be able to stipulate whether the agent will be permitted to determine the use of certain life-sustaining medical treatments. The…

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A Missouri minor power of attorney form grants permission to an appointed agent to take guardianship over a parent’s child. This trusted individual will be permitted to take care of matters such as education, health care, and other important affairs for the child. They are not allowed to make crucial life decisions for the child such as marriage, adoption, and abortion. In Missouri, the maximum…

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The Missouri vehicle power of attorney form (Form 4054) allows an owner of a vehicle to appoint someone else to handle the transfer (purchase and sale), registration, or titling. After the form has been filled in with the vehicle’s make, model, and VIN number, it should be taken to a notary public for signature. The owner, agent, and the State should all have copies of…

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The Missouri real estate power of attorney allows an agent to act on behalf of a principal and handle their real estate transactions. The agent is typically permitted to sell, purchase, lease, and manage the principal’s real property, though the extent of their authority may be defined specifically in the power of attorney. Assigning such legal power ensures that the principal’s property is managed according to…

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The Missouri tax power of attorney form (DOR-2827) allows residents to file individual or business taxes through the use of a tax agent. Usually, a certified public accountant or tax attorney will be chosen to be an individual’s tax agent. However, any adult resident can be appointed to be an individual’s tax representative. There is no need for witnesses or notary public when executing the document….

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