Washington Power of Attorney Forms

Washington Power of Attorney Forms make it possible for a principal to select an agent, a.k.a. “attorney-in-fact,” to carry out tasks and make decisions on their behalf. The powers granted may be for financial, health care, tax filing, or parental guardianship reasons. Under Washington law 11.125.040, the Principal may choose to have the form made durable, which means that the agent may continue to act even if the principal should become incapacitated. The majority of the power of attorney forms will need to be signed by the principal in the presence of a notary public or two (2) or more competent witnesses.

Laws – Title 11, Chapter 11.125 (Uniform Power of Attorney Act)

The Washington durable power of attorney form allows a person to choose someone else to handle any type of monetary matter with respect to their personal or business finances. The person selected, known as the “agent,” will have the unlimited power to sell real property (real estate), assets, and perform banking transactions on behalf of the principal. The form leaves the third (3rd) party harmless…

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The Washington general power of attorney form provides residents with the ability to choose a trusted person to represent them and make financial decisions on their behalf. The representative, who is known as an “agent” or “attorney-in-fact,” may receive the principal’s permission to handle their bank accounts, tax filings, or simple tasks like paying bills or picking up mail. Unlike the durable power of attorney, this form…

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The Washington guardianship of minor child power of attorney form allows for a minor child to have a guardian in the event of a medical emergency or other circumstance where the parent(s) are not available to make decisions. The chosen guardian will have permission to arrange for transportation to medical facilities, review and order medical records, and make health care decisions for the child during…

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The Washington limited power of attorney form is used to select a representative to execute a specific financial act on behalf of the principal (individual creating the power of attorney). The financial powers selected may be anything legally permitted under State law such as real estate transactions, managing bank accounts, operating a business, receiving mail, and paying bills. Upon the completion of the specified responsibilities, the…

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The Washington medical power of attorney form is used to establish the life-extending health care procedures in addition to allowing someone to select an agent to make decisions on their behalf. The person creating the form, the “principal,” will need to choose an agent to manage all decisions made when the principal is incapacitated. Most people will choose a spouse, relative or close friend as their agent….

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The Washington real estate power of attorney form is a document that a real estate agent will provide their clients to initiate the business relationship. Whether an individual is needing to purchase, sell, manage, or refinance real estate, this power of attorney will be necessary in order to allow a third party to act on behalf of the principal signatory. Once completed, both should sign before a…

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The Washington tax power of attorney form is provided by the Department of Revenue to authorize a representative to handle an individual’s tax filing with the State of Washington. The person selected should be a qualified individual like a tax attorney or a certified public accountant (CPA) as any mistakes will be the principal’s liability. The documents will usually be attached to the taxpayer’s filings,…

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