West Virginia Power of Attorney Forms

West Virginia Power of Attorney Forms lets a person step-in and make decisions on behalf of someone else. The representative, known as an “attorney-in-fact” or “agent,” must act in the person’s best interest when making financial, medical, tax filing, and motor vehicle (DMV) decisions. The selected agent should be a trusted individual that the principal (person assigning responsibility) can count on even if they should become incapacitated and unable to make decisions on their own. All power of attorney forms in West Virginia, unless otherwise stated, must be authorized by a notary public and, in some cases, one (1) or more adult witnesses.

Laws – Chapter 39B (Uniform Power of Attorney Act) & Chapter 16, Article 30 (West Virginia Health Care Decisions Act)

The West Virginia durable power of attorney form can be created by a resident to designate someone else to have the ultimate rights to handle every facet of their financial capabilities. Under the Uniform Power of Attorney Act, the document remains in effect if the principal should become incapacitated; that is, if they lose the ability to make decisions for themselves. Any and all powers…

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The West Virginia general power of attorney form grants an individual the ability to select someone else, known as an “agent,” to have the unlimited power with regard to the management of another individual’s finances. This document is an exact duplicate of the durable power of attorney except that it does not stay in effect if the principal should become incapacitated. The agent may represent the…

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The West Virginia limited power of attorney form allows a resident to choose someone else to handle a specific financial activity or decision on their behalf. This restricted appointment may be anything as serious as handling a real estate transaction, more commonly a closing, to simple tasks such as paying bills. After the designated activities are complete, the representative’s authority will be void and the…

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The West Virginia medical power of attorney form is part of an Advance Directive which consists of both a medical power of attorney and a living will. With the medical power of attorney, the principal appoints an agent who will make all their health care decisions when they are incapacitated and cannot do so on their own. Most people choose a relative, spouse, or close…

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The West Virginia minor child power of attorney form is a document that is created to grant a guardian power of attorney over a minor child. The trusted individual will be able to, for the duration of the term dictated in the form, make every decision the parents or legal guardians would be able to make if they were available to do so themselves. That said,…

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The West Virginia real estate power of attorney enables an agent to act on behalf of a homeowner or buyer with regard to the sale and purchase of property located in West Virginia. Without a signed and notarized power of attorney, the agent will not be able to sign any legal documents or otherwise communicate the wishes of the individual they represent. Once signed, however, the power of…

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The West Virginia tax power of attorney form, also known as form WV-2848, allows a resident to grant a representative the authority to file their taxes with the West Virginia State Tax Department. The person selected to this position should be a tax attorney or certified public accountant (CPA) as any filing errors will be the responsibility of the taxpayer. Upon signing, the representative will…

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The West Virginia vehicle power of attorney form, also known as Form DMV-9-TR, allows an owner of a vehicle to select someone else to act on their behalf and sell, transfer ownership, or handle any type of transaction at any West Virginia Department of Transportation Office. The form must provide a description of the vehicle which consists of its serial number, make, year, and body…

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