Wisconsin Power of Attorney Forms

Wisconsin Power of Attorney Forms allows an individual to select a representative to act on their behalf and manage their financial, medical, tax filing, parental/guardianship, and vehicle-related affairs. The person seeking representation, known as the “principal,” may permit these powers to be used by their selected “agent” even if the principal should become incapacitated. Power of attorney forms that remain valid during the principal’s incapacity are known as “Durable.” All other non-durable power of attorney forms will be void if the principal becomes incapacitated.

Laws – Chapter 244 (Uniform Power of Attorney for Finances and Property) & Chapter 155 (Power of Attorney for Health Care)

The Wisconsin durable power of attorney form grants an agent the authority to represent another individual and make financial decisions on their behalf. The individual executing the power of attorney is known as the “principal,” and the person they select as their financial representative is called an “attorney-in-fact” or “agent.” Unlike the general power of attorney, the durable version remains in effect under the unfortunate circumstances…

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The Wisconsin general power of attorney form enables a representative to handle financial affairs on behalf of another person. A resident, known as the “principal,” chooses an “agent” to handle any type of monetary related transaction on their behalf and to their benefit. The agent’s duties may include tasks as rudimentary as paying the principal’s bills to more significant matters like managing a business. Unlike…

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The Wisconsin limited power of attorney form permits a person, known as the “principal,” to grant someone else restricted access to finances and provide them with the authority to handle a specific task. The principal must first select who they would like to act in their presence, and then write in the document specifically what type(s) of powers the agent will hold. The powers may…

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The Wisconsin medical power of attorney form allows for the designation of a surrogate to make health care decisions for someone else, the “principal,” in the chance that they become incapacitated. The person chosen, called an “agent,” shall be responsible for making any and all health care decisions and facility options with the principal’s best interests in mind. When selecting an agent, the principal may not…

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The Wisconsin minor child power of attorney (referred to in-State as the Power of Attorney Delegating Parental Power) is a document that enables the legal parents or guardians of a child to give any or all of their powers with regard to childcare to a temporary guardian. The agreement will endure no longer than one (1) year, after which a secondary power of attorney document must…

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The Wisconsin real estate power of attorney is a document that a homeowner or buyer must draft if they wish to have a third party (an agent) represent them in the transfer or management of real estate. The form will allow the principal to define the term (durable or non-durable) and the tasks that the agent will be given the authority to carry out. Once all parties…

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The Wisconsin revocation power of attorney form cancels a valid financial or medical power of attorney document. The process begins with filling out the desired revocation document; the financial and medical power of attorney forms have their own unique revocation documents, both of which are available below. After the document has been authorized, the agent should be notified of the cancellation, and all institutions that…

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The Wisconsin tax power of attorney form, also referred to as form A-222, allows a resident to appoint an individual whom they deem fit to handle their tax filing with the Department of Revenue. Typically, the chosen representative will be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Tax Attorney due to the risks of improper tax filing, though any individual may be selected. The appointed representative will…

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