Colorado Power of Attorney Forms

Colorado Power of Attorney allows a resident of the State to choose an agent to make financial-related or health care decisions on their behalf. There are six forms available, each designed to serve a unique purpose from making end of life decisions for the principal to providing an agent with the permission to file income taxes. After completing the desired form, it is recommended to have all signatures be witnessed with a notary present to ensure the document’s legal status.

Laws – Title 15-14-7 (Uniform Power of Attorney Act)

A Colorado durable power of attorney form can be used to assign a trustworthy adult the power to manage the finances of the executor of the document. This serves a number of functions, one of which is enabling the principal’s family and friends to avoid the process of petitioning the courts to gain control over the individual’s finances should they become incapacitated. It should be noted…

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The Colorado general power of attorney form is designed to enable an individual to make financial decisions on behalf of another party, referred to as “the principal.” The term “general” in this case is referring to the unlimited nature of the agent’s financial powers; they will be able to control all aspects of the principal’s finances until such a time that the principal becomes incapacitated, the power…

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The Colorado limited power of attorney form allows a person to select someone else to handle a particular financial decision on their behalf and in their best interests. More often than not, the agreement will be terminated following the completion of the task to which the agent was assigned. Alternatively, the form might include an expiration date or require a revocation form to terminate the…

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The Colorado medical power of attorney form is used when a person wishes to select another individual to make medical decisions on their behalf in anticipation of losing decisional capacity. It is common for this to occur prior to major surgery or during the early stages of a mental disorder. A living will provides the principal (individual creating the form) with the ability to specify their…

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The Colorado minor (child) power of attorney form enables a parent or guardian to assign parental responsibilities to another party. The person assuming the responsibility, the “attorney-in-fact,” receives permission to perform any act necessary to maintain the child’s custody, health, education, property, and general well-being. Colorado law limits the term of validity for such powers to a term of twelve (12) months. Therefore, if the parent…

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The Colorado real estate power of attorney allows a principal to select an agent to handle one (1) or more real estate-related tasks on their behalf. This specific type of power of attorney form cannot grant any powers other than those pertaining to real estate. Examples of duties carried out by an attorney-in-fact acting under orders of a real estate power of attorney include buying…

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The Colorado tax power of attorney form allows a resident of Colorado to let another person (usually an accountant or attorney) handle his or her tax filing with the Colorado Department of Revenue. Once complete the form needs to be signed by the parties involved and sent to the address below this paragraph. The form can be used by individuals and businesses alike as it…

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The Colorado vehicle power of attorney form allows a person to elect another trusted individual to handle their affairs on their behalf. This type of power of attorney is related specifically to assigning an individual to handle transactions with regard to the principal’s vehicle; this can include any of the following powers: Apply for and receive a new registration or new temporary registration Apply for and…

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