Hawaii Power of Attorney Forms

Hawaii power of attorney allows a state resident to choose someone else to act in their place for any financial or medical-related situation or decision. Each document provides the grantor with the opportunity to clearly define the scope of the agent’s powers and the conditions that would render the agreement void. The below forms can be used for something as simple as electing a tax accountant to something as crucial as selecting a health care surrogate to make decisions on a patient’s behalf when they have lost the capacity to accurately communicate their wishes.

Laws551 E Uniform Power of Attorney Act and §327E-3 Advance health-care directives

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A Hawaii durable power of attorney form allows a resident of Hawaii to elect an agent (or attorney-in-fact) to make financial decisions and perform transactions on their behalf. All decisions made by their selected agent must do so for the sole benefit and best interest of the principal. The durable nature of the document enables the agent to continue to manage the principal’s finances following…


A Hawaii general power of attorney is used to appoint an agent to act on behalf of the principal (creator of the document) up until such a point that the principal becomes incapacitated or the power is revoked. The general power of attorney does not grant the authority to make medical decisions; it only provides the agent with the ability to manage the grantor’s finances….


A Hawaii medical power of attorney form consists of two documents: the living will and the durable power of attorney for healthcare. Through the living will, a resident can prescribe not only what type of life-extending healthcare procedures they’d like to receive, but also under which circumstances they’d reject or accept them. With the durable power of attorney for the healthcare portion, the individual would…


A Hawaii motor vehicle power of attorney form enables a Hawaii resident to appoint an attorney-in-fact to handle the transfer of a title, obtaining of registration or any other action that can be carried out at the driver’s license office. The power becomes null and void once the actions for which it was assigned are completed. The agent selected is obligated to act solely in…


A Hawaii tax power of attorney form is one that is used to enable a resident of Hawaii to select their tax accountant and provide them with the authority to file the taxpayer’s taxes on their behalf. The representative will have the authority to receive and open confidential correspondence from the Department of Taxation as well as perform any action with respect to the principal’s taxes….


A Hawaii limited power of attorney form enables the document’s creator to transfer financial powers to an agent (also referred to as an attorney-in-fact). The powers are limited in that the selected individual will usually only be assigned one task to complete on behalf of the principal, the completion of which would render the agreement void. The agreement does not allow the powers to stay in…


A Hawaii minor (child) power of attorney form is used by parents and legal guardians to grant parental rights to another party for a term of one year or less. The powers received by the temporary guardian will authorize them to act on the parent’s behalf and perform any action necessary to ensure the proper care of a child, excluding the ability to consent to the…


A Hawaii real estate power of attorney form is a legal document that establishes an agent-principal relationship regarding certain property management duties. The principal (an individual who executes the power of attorney document) intends to hand over certain real property powers to another individual, “agent” or “attorney in fact.” The agent must carry out these tasks to the best of their abilities and always with…