Illinois Power of Attorney Forms

Illinois Power of Attorney that lets an Illinois resident complete transferring power to another person, the “agent”, allowing the agent to make decisions or act on the resident’s behalf. The power transferred can be general or specific (limited), enabling the agent (also referred to as the attorney-in-fact) to generally oversee the management of finances or healthcare, or to simply complete one task. If the power of attorney is durable, the authority will sustain the incapacitation of the principal, meaning that even if the individual for whom the power of attorney was created becomes sick and unable to make decisions, the agent will still be able to perform on his or her behalf.

Laws – Illinois Power of Attorney Act (755 ILCS 45/)

The Illinois durable power of attorney form enables the principal (individual creating the form) to assign an agent to oversee their finances and make decisions on their behalf. Because the form is durable, the agent will be able to operate even when the principal is unable to make decisions for herself (as determined by a licensed physician). Due to the breadth of the authority granted to…

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The Illinois general power of attorney is a document that transfers authority to an agent to act on behalf of the principal (individual creating the document) so long as the principal can make decisions for themselves. The financial powers granted are broad and sweeping, they allow the representative to make serious decisions for the principal, to sign on their behalf, and to otherwise act for the…

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The Illinois limited power of attorney form provides a resident with the opportunity to transfer limited financial powers to another individual (referred to as an attorney-in-fact or agent). The selected representative will be able to act on behalf of the resident for the completion of a singular, agreed upon act. Once the act has been completed, the agreement becomes void. The individual creating the power of…

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The Illinois medical power of attorney form enables an individual to designate someone as their health care agent. This agent will be able to make health care related decisions on behalf of the individual when they have lost the ability to communicate their wishes. The loss of decisional capacity must be determined by a licensed physician, only then can the health care agent step in….

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The Illinois minor (child) power of attorney form allows parents to grant a representative the authority to make decisions and perform actions to ensure the proper care of a child. The person accepting the parental powers may be asked to provide care in the form of transportation, shelter, clothing, and food. Illinois power of attorney law only regulates the delegation of such authority when it concerns…

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The Illinois real estate power of attorney form is a form designed for the specific purpose of enabling an attorney-in-fact to close on a sale, purchase, or refinance a property. The selected representative will be able to sign on behalf of the principal and collect any applicable funds. Each form executed with regard to the real estate transaction will be completed under the name of the…

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The Illinois real estate power of attorney form can be executed by a principal who wishes to hand over certain real estate powers to a trusted agent (also known as an attorney-in-fact). The agent will have the authority to manage any of the real estate matters detailed in the power of attorney document. These range from closing a sale or purchase of a property to…

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The Illinois tax power of attorney is a limited power of attorney form that is filed with the Illinois Department of Revenue along with an individual’s tax filings. The document provides the taxpayer with the ability to formally select an accountant or other representative (referred to in the form as the attorney-in-fact) to act on their behalf. The representative will be able to receive and open…

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The Illinois vehicle power of attorney form is one provided by the Secretary of State to enable residents to assign a lawful attorney-in-fact to sign papers relating to the transfer of ownership of a vehicle or the securing of the title/registration. The individual selected will be able to do all acts as the resident would if they were available and present. The principal need only provide…

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