Delaware Power of Attorney Forms

Delaware Power of Attorney outlines the responsibilities and assignments for an agent (or attorney-in-fact) to represent another individual for financial or medical purposes. There are a variety of forms from which to choose, each one serving a specific purpose. A Delaware resident may be nearing the final chapter of their life and will want to choose a family member to oversee their healthcare in the case that they lose decisional capacity. Another form can be used if a taxpayer wishes to hire an accountant to carry out the filing of the state income tax return. Regardless of the format, all power of attorney forms should be thoroughly reviewed prior to signing to ensure both parties are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities in the agreement.

Laws – Chapter 49A. Durable Power of Attorney Act and § 2503 Advance Health-Care Directives.

The Delaware DMV power of attorney form is a legal document that enables the owner of a vehicle to assign an attorney-in-fact to transfer the title of their vehicle to another individual. This will include providing the attorney-in-fact the authority to sign any papers required to complete the transaction. The principal (individual assigning power to attorney-in-fact) must agree to not hold the State of Delaware or the…

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The Delaware durable power of attorney form is designed to provide a resident of the State with the ability to transfer power of attorney to an agent. The authority granted will enable said agent to act on behalf of the principal, representing them in financial decisions and in managing a portion or the entirety of their estate. The durable nature of the document makes it…

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The Delaware general power of attorney form has the same powers at the statutory durable document except for the fact that when the principal becomes mentally incompetent, the form becomes void. Both documents, however, provide the principal with an agent who will be able to oversee their finances and make financial decisions on their behalf. The agent must abide by the same laws as any…

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The Delaware limited power of attorney form allows a person to select an agent to perform a specific financial act to their benefit. The principal may choose to elect to have the form become void after the task is complete, at a specific date, or upon the violation of any condition described therein. This form, as opposed to the general power of attorney or durable…

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The Delaware medical power of attorney form is one which allows the principal to select a health care agent to carry out their wishes and make decisions on their behalf. This document is often drafted when an individual is in the early stages of a mentally incapacitating disease or condition, or if they’re about to anticipating a dangerous surgery. The form also provides the principal with…

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The Delaware minor (child) power of attorney form is used to grant temporary parental rights to someone other than the child’s parent or legal guardian. The agent selected to be granted authority will have permission to act on the parent’s behalf and care for the child by providing food, shelter, transportation, and otherwise perform any action necessary to maintain the child’s well-being. Delaware law does not…

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The Delaware real estate power of attorney is designed to grant certain real estate powers to an attorney-in-fact. The individual creating the power of attorney, the “principal,” should select an agent who has experience as a realtor or is knowledgeable in real estate law. Furthermore, the agent should be someone trustworthy, as they will be dealing with real estate purchases, sales, leases, transactions, deeds, and…

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