Tax Power of Attorney Indiana Form – POA 1 – Adobe PDF

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The Massachusetts tax power of attorney, also referred to as Form M-2848, allows a resident to have representation through an accountant or other qualified person for filing with the Department of Revenue. Unlike other power of attorney documents in the State this does not need to be witnessed or be subject to a notary public upon signing Laws AP 614: Power of Attorney

Form allows for a person who owns a vehicle in New Jersey to assign someone else to handle either registration, to request corpcode, or to obtain title with the Motor Vehicle Commission. The form must be signed in the presence of a notary public in order to be accepted.

The tax power of attorney form, known as RI-2848, allows for a person seeking to file their taxes with the Division of Taxation to elect a professional to handle the filing on their behalf. Like all other documents in the State, the form must be either notarized or signed with two individuals present.

Under the Uniform Power of Attorney Act, an individual in Mississippi may create a durable financial power of attorney to run your monetary related affairs. An alternative or secondary agent should also be selected if the first choice turns out to be unavailable when needed. When selecting the representative, he or she should be a mature steady individual, loyal to you and able to understand…

This document allows you to choose someone else to carry out a specific financial duty on their behalf. The responsibility or action may be for a single instance or recurring with an end date. The activity can be anything from writing a check to selling a home (most commonly what it is used for) for their benefit.