North Dakota Power of Attorney Forms

North Dakota Power of Attorney Forms grant broad or specific financial, medical, or other legal powers to a representative of the principal’s choosing. These forms can only be executed when the principal is of sound mind and is competent enough to make important decisions. Most power of attorney documents become ineffective once the principal is incapacitated; however, the principal has the option of creating a power of attorney that remains valid in the event of a debilitating accident or illness. Once the representative, or “attorney-in-fact,” has signed the document, they must perform their duties to the best of their abilities. Even though an attorney-in-fact is bound to the terms of the contract, the principal should choose someone they know and trust to act with the principal’s interests in mind.

Laws – Title 30.1 (Uniform Probate Code)

The North Dakota durable (financial) power of attorney form allows an attorney-in-fact to manage all or a part of the principal’s financial affairs. The powers granted unto the attorney-in-fact take effect immediately upon execution of the document and continue even in the event of the principal’s incapacitation. However, the principal may choose to add a provision to the document expressing that the power of attorney…

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The North Dakota general power of attorney form grants general financial powers to an attorney-in-fact in regard to a principal’s finances. This position is often reserved for a relative, close friend, or trusted associate as they will be dealing with important matters such as asset and property management, banking transactions, business affairs, and the like. This power of attorney document is not durable, it becomes…

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The North Dakota limited power of attorney is a form that permits an attorney-in-fact to represent the principal in specific business dealings. If the principal feels it would be more appropriate for an authorized agent to handle a particular transaction, a limited power of attorney can be used to temporarily authorize certain financial powers. The limited nature of the document refers to both the limited…

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A North Dakota medical power of attorney form is a part of a larger “Health Care Directive,” that authorizes another individual (health care agent) to make health care decisions for the principal. This form only comes into effect should the principal be unable to communicate properly with physicians and other health care workers in regard to medical attention. The appointment should be reserved for a…

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The North Dakota minor power of attorney form enables parents to authorize another adult to take care of their child for a limited period of time. Legally, the arrangement can only last for up to six (6) months and gives the appointed individual (the attorney-in-fact) parental rights regarding all decisions except for marriage and adoption. However, if the parent chooses to, they may further limit…

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The North Dakota real estate power of attorney allows the principal to select an agent who will be legally authorized to make real estate decisions and execute related documents on their behalf. This contract is commonly used for real estate transactions, either because the principal is unable to be present to complete the deal or because they simply wish to have it handled by a…

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The North Dakota tax power of attorney form, otherwise known as ‘Form 500,’ authorizes a representative to handle all (or a part of) the principal’s taxes. This representative, usually a certified tax accountant or attorney, will be able to receive all the principal’s tax information and make the appropriate filings and appeals on their behalf. The principal can be specific in what types of information…

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