Virginia Power of Attorney Forms

Virginia Power of Attorney Forms grants a resident to appoint an individual to handle financial, medical, tax filing, or motor vehicle-related matters on their behalf. Under statute 64.2-1602, all power of attorney forms are considered “durable” which means that the representative’s authority will continue to be effective even if the person being represented (the “principal”) becomes incapacitated. The principal can create a non-durable power of attorney by writing a statement of the form indicating that the document is to be terminated upon the principal’s incapacity.

Laws – Title 64.2, Chapter 16 (Uniform Power of Attorney Act) & Title 54.1, Chapter 29, Article 8 (Health Care Decisions Act)

The Virginia durable power of attorney form, otherwise known as a financial power of attorney form, enables a principal to choose a representative who will have the authority to manage their finances. The person selected, referred to as the “agent,” should be a trusting individual that the principal can rely on to handle their business affairs, investments, and personal assets while always acting with the principal’s…

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The  Virginia general power of attorney form is a legal instrument that allows a person to select someone else, referred to as an “agent,” to handle all facets of their finances on their behalf. The agent is permitted to use these unrestricted powers as long as the person designating authority, known as the “principal,” is coherent. If a medical physician deems the principal mentally incapacitated,…

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The Virginia limited power of attorney form is used to select an agent to handle certain financial actions or decisions as described by the principal. The form can be made to grant restricted access to one’s personal affairs such as collecting mail, handling a real estate transaction, or paying bills on the principal’s behalf. The form is not durable, meaning if the principal should become mentally…

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The Virginia medical power of attorney form is a health care plan consisting of two parts. The first section, the Living Will, will be used to specify the conditions under which the principal does or does not consent to the various critical life-saving medical treatments. Secondly, the Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care will be used by the principal to appoint an agent to manage all…

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The Virginia minor child power of attorney form is a document that grants temporary guardianship rights to a Virginia resident. A parent or legal guardian may fill out the power of attorney form if they anticipate a situation wherein they will be unable to provide the attention necessary to care for their child. The reason for assigning a temporary guardian could be due to incarceration, mental…

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The Virginia real estate power of attorney, once signed by an agent and the principal, provides the former party with the ability to represent the latter in the transfer and maintenance of real property in the State of Virginia. The powers granted unto the agent can include signing and executing instruments on the principal’s behalf to close a sale, maintaining a homeowner’s property including repairs and rent…

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The Virginia tax power of attorney form, also known as Form PAR 101, allows an individual to select another person to file their taxes with the Department of Taxation. The appropriate person to appoint for this position is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Tax Attorney due to their knowledge in the field. In addition to filing State taxes, the representative will be permitted to accept…

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The Virginia vehicle power of attorney form, officially referred to as Form VSA-70, can be used by a vehicle owner to select an agent who can make any type of ownership or vehicle registration decisions on their behalf. All documents presented by the agent to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles will be accepted as if they were delivered by the vehicle owner themselves. The owner…

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