Durable Power of Attorney West Virginia Form – Adobe PDF

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Permits a person residing in Connecticut to choose an agent to handle any type of  financial decision on behalf of another. If the person being representative (“Principal”) can no longer think for themselves because of a mental condition the form becomes void. If the principal would like a document where the agent may be able to act to their benefit even under incapacitation then the…

Allows an Agent to handle a SPECIFIC responsibility to the benefit of the Principal. Complete and have at least two non blood related witnesses or a notary public view the signatures to make the form valid. Once the action is complete or if the Principal becomes incapacitated, the document becomes void. Adobe PDF Microsoft Word Sample  

The North Carolina tax power of attorney form, also known as the GEN-58, is a document that allows a resident to choose someone else to handle their tax filing with the Department of Revenue. Unlike other power of attorney documents within the State, this form does not need to be notarized or witnessed in order for it to take effect.

Also known as Form M-5008-R, allows a resident of New Jersey to select an agent, usually a Certified Public Accountant or Tax Attorney, to handle any and all their tax matters with the Division of Taxation. The form does not require witnesses or a notary to become in effect and only needs the signature of the Principal and the person selected to handle the filing(s).

Choose an agent to handle the registration, titling, or the transfer of any type of motor vehicle in Arkansas. If transferring (purchase and sale) the vehicle it must be accompanied by one of the following bill of sale forms; Standard Tax Credit The registration and title application must be attached to this power of attorney is it will be used at a DMV Office Location….