Durable Power of Attorney West Virginia Form – Adobe PDF

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Select a representative to file taxes on your behalf in Arkansas. Remember that you are still liable for the taxes filed even if it is a licensed accountant filing in your best interest.

Also known as Form PA-1, the tax power of attorney document allows for a resident to choose a professional, usually a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Tax Attorney, to handle the filing of State taxes with the Vermont Department of Taxes. The principal may choose the agent to do all of the following; Negotiate the assessment and payment of tax liabilities Represent me/us in informal discussions…

To prepare a Tennessee Financial Power of Attorney, you will first need to name a representative you can trust to manage all your financial needs (See all acts authorized by viewing State Statute 34-6-109), otherwise known as an Attorney-In-Fact. This individual does not to be an actual attorney, but the individual selected should be someone you trust and have known for a long time. It is…

The Health Care Power of Attorney, or Advance Directive, under which you name an individual, also known as your Agent, to make all health care decisions on your behalf only when you cannot do so for yourself. The Agent should share your views on what is appropriate health care, and can doggedly assert those values in the face of others who may hold dissimilar views….

Form allows for a person who owns a vehicle in New Jersey to assign someone else to handle either registration, to request corpcode, or to obtain title with the Motor Vehicle Commission. The form must be signed in the presence of a notary public in order to be accepted.